Maintenance and safety

The Cable Car Operating Company has its own permanent technical teams on duty all year round to guarantee the operation and safety of the system. Investments and maintenance costs directly related to the operation are in the region of €120,000 per year.

In addition, the cable car is closed for three or four weeks every January for a major safety inspection by the Mechanical Lifts and Guided Transport Systems Technical Service (STRMTG), after which it renews its operating permit for the following year. It is also subject to stringent safety inspections by organisations approved by the STRMTG. The January shut-down also provides an opportunity to carry out any major maintenance work that could not be done without complete closure of the system for several days. When all this work is complete, the Major Annual Inspection is then scheduled between our project manager and the STRMTG. It is only after all these tests have been satisfactorily completed that our annual operating permit can be issued.

    Find out what jobs members of the Grenoble Cable Car technical team do!

    • This 15-minute film by Christophe Champelovier offers an insight into the different roles needed to care for, maintain and run this urban cable car. Safety is at the heart of everything they do!

    • Every year, a rescue drill takes place with members of the Dangerous Settings Reconnaissance and Intervention Team (GRIMP 38), working in conjunction with cable car staff.
      This mandatory exercise provides an annual check on safety and rescue methods in the event of a fault.

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