Eco-responsible commitments

Eco-responsible commitments of the Grenoble Bastille cable car

Environmental roadmap adopted for the operation of the ski lift, the operation of the Fort de la Bastille and the organization of eco-responsible events.

  • 1. The eco-responsible commitments of the Grenoble cable car:

    • A 100% repairable device: maintenance, renovation and restoration of the various components of the cable car on site, locally, or even internally; conservation of a maximum of parts, restoration of the cabins since 1976 (we do not buy new ones),
    • Recycling of greases, oils and maintenance products and storage in retention tanks and transport to waste reception centers,
    • Manual polishing of aluminum cabins to replace the use of acid,
    • Sensitization of drivers to eco-driving: Stop when no one is there, and reduced speed during low traffic,
    • Cable car transport offered to all staff stationed in the fort (permanent or temporary): reduction of the carbon impact by limiting access by motorized vehicle.

    Our commitments for 2025:

    • The guarantee of 100% green energy for the operation of the cable car.
  • The ski lift = a low-carbon, non-polluting means of mobility.

    The Grenoble cable car = the 3rd oldest urban cable car in Europe – a historic installation and pioneer of soft mobility in urban areas

  • 2. The eco-responsible commitments of Fort de la Bastille:

    • A biodiversity inventoried and preserved for the respect of this natural site,
    • Reasoned mowing and mowing. Practice of Eco-grazing on a maximum of space,
    • Selective sorting at any point in the public space and educational “I vote” ashtrays,
    • 2 compost points for restaurants,
    • Waste collection operations several times a year.

    Our commitments for 2025:

    • Collecting rainwater to supply the Fort’s public toilets.
    • The reasoned use of pedestrian paths: pedestrian circuits independent of VVT circuits, installation of sorting bins along the routes, enhancement of the biodiversity of the hill.
    • The closure of the access road to the fort for the general public.
    • The dismantling of obsolete installations in the dry meadow.
  • 3. Eco-responsible events and activities:

    • Reduction of the carbon impact by limiting access by motorized vehicle: room rental with compulsory cable car transport, accessible activities only on presentation of the day’s cable car ticket, extension of the opening of the cable car outside of normal hours,
    • Referencing of committed service providers; use of local products and short circuits, waste management, respect for the site, control of noise pollution, etc.
    • The ban on the use of disposable dishes: ecocup or rental of professional washable and reusable dishes.

    Our commitments for 2030:

    • Rainwater harvesting, to supply the toilets in the reception rooms
    • Development of renewable energies (EnR) for ecological heating of spaces, …

eco responsible commitments Grenoble

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