Around the Bastille

After your visit to the Bastille, discover all the heritage and cultural riches at the foot of the hill!

  • The Dauphinois Museum

    The Dauphinois museum is located on the slopes of the Bastille, on the heights of the Saint Laurent district, in the Saint-Marie d’en-Haut convent. It is a place of investigation of all periods of Alpine history, but also a space for reflection on our time. Each year, two to three exhibitions, always enriched with publications, conferences and debates, explore in turn the fields of archeology, regional, rural or industrial heritage.

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  • Musée Dauphinois activités autour de la Bastille téléphérique Grenoble

  • The Saint-Laurent Archaeological Museum

    The Saint-Laurent Archaeological Museum is a major archaeological site, and offers you a journey through nearly two thousand years of history. Let yourself be immersed in the heart of history from the origins of Christianity. The memory of this place is staged thanks to digital means that reinforce the power of evocation of vestiges, beliefs and mentalities.

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  • Activities around Bastille Grenoble

    Photography: Jean-Sébastien Faure.

  • CCSTI – Grenoble Center for Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture

    The CCSTI is a center for scientific culture and the first structure of its kind created in France. Its main mission is to disseminate and promote scientific culture to all audiences. Thanks to scientific and technical popularization actions, the CCSTI invites us to reflect on the place of science and technology in society.

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  • Activities around Bastille Grenoble

  • Grenoble Museum

    Created in 1798, the Musée de Grenoble has continued to enrich itself to present today to visitors more than 900 works. This unique set covers the entire history of Western art from the late Middle Ages to the present day, with a large section of Egyptian antiquities. The works are presented chronologically in a succession of exhibition rooms, which allow us to contemplate, study and seek to understand the life of forms.

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  • Activities around Bastille Grenoble

  • The Casamaures 

    This villa, built around 1867 in the Arab-Andalusian style, reflects the taste for Orientalism that developed in the middle of the 19th century. It is the oldest French historical monument made of molded cement, at a time when this material was generally reserved for the realization of decorations. The architecture has been classified as a “historic monument” since 1986.

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  • Activities around Bastille Grenoble

    Photography: Gilles Julien


Activités autour Bastille Grenoble Activités autour Bastille Grenoble

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