The Bastille Fort

  • Fort de la Bastille téléphérique Grenoble

  • The Bastille of Grenoble, a bubble of air over the city

    The Bastille is a military fort built in the 19th century on a hill which also gives it its name. Overlooking the Grenoble metropolis, it can be reached in about 6 minutes thanks to the famous Grenoble cable car.

    The tourist site welcomes more than 600,000 people a year, half of whom take the cable car. It is an essential player in the tourist economy of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region.

    Offering an exceptional 360° panorama of the city and the mountains, the Bastille also offers a range of activities and services:

    • Museums,
    • Restoration,
    • Recreation Park,
    • Reception rooms,
    • Via ferrata,
    • Orienteering,
    • Concerts,
    • Family entertainment…

    A preserved natural area, the Bastille hill appears as a real “air bubble” over the city. A small local mountain, accessible to all! 

  • Listed as historical monuments

    Region Natural area of ecological, floristic and faunal interest

    More than 600,000 visitors per year

Map of the activities and services of the Fort de la Bastille:

Plan de situation des activités et services du Fort de la Bastille

  • A diversified approach to contemporary art

  • In the footsteps of this exceptional army corps

  • Full of sensations

  • Panoramic restaurant located in the heart of the Fort

  • Gourmet restaurant outside the Fort

  • To quench your thirst, snack or have lunch on the go…

  • For hire to celebrate your events

  • To find information on the site and buy a souvenir

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