• Grenoble and its mountains will soon have no more secrets for you! +

    After strolling through the Fort, you can’t help stopping on its extraordinary panoramic terraces.

    Let yourself go and contemplate the surrounding mountains: the Alps at 360°.

    • The Vercors massif, essentially composed of plateaus, forests, cliffs and gorges, offering diverse landscapes.
    • The Belledonne range, wilder, cut by valleys, lakes, scree and sharp peaks.
    • The Chartreuse massif, made up of limestone cliffs and abounding in a rich natural heritage.

    From the Belvedere Vauban and the Terrasse des Géologues, discover our 10 magnificent landscape interpretation tables. These are real reading keys to discover Grenoble differently. And a wonderful opportunity to contemplate the Grenoble landscape, from a different angle each time!


  • Discover all our landscape interpretation tables (download – PDF)

    Panorama Belvédère Vauban Bastille Panorama Belvédère Vauban Bastille

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