Schools and recreational centres

  • Transport by cable car

    You are a school group* or a leisure center, you benefit from a preferential rate at the cable car:

    • Round trip: €3.40
    • One-way or one-way return: €2.20

    Accompanying persons benefit from the same price.
    A single payment is accepted for the whole group.
    *The school rate is granted to all establishments from kindergarten to high school.

    For universities or colleges, the school rate may also be granted if:

    • The outing has an educational purpose,
    • The reservation and the payment are made by the establishment.
  • A picnic area available for free! 

    Set up in the very heart of the fort, this picnic area can accommodate up to 30 people standing. With three fixed tables and benches, it is ideal as a fallback space for picnics in the event of rain or hot weather. Remember to book it at the same time as your group’s cable car transport.

    Espace hors sac visite scolaire centre de loisirs téléphérique Grenoble

Guided tours

  • Behind the scenes at the Fort de la Bastille
    Duration between 1h and 1h30 

    Students have the unique opportunity to explore usually inaccessible parts of the fort and understand the military strategy employed at the time. Group of 2 to 25 + companions.

    Guide rate: €100 / guide + administration fees
    Reservation required at the Grenoble-Alpes Métropole Tourist Office.

    Phone. : +334 76 42 96 05
    Email : regine.dupui(at)

    Visites guidées en groupe scolaire centre de loisirs téléphérique Grenoble

  • Guided tours of the Mountain Troops Museum

    The Mountain Troops Museum offers teachers an original and attractive medium to help transmit knowledge. Free guided tours of the permanent or temporary exhibition are also possible.

    Reservation required at the Mountain Troops Museum

    Phone. : +334 76 00 92 25
    Email : mtm.bastille(at)

  • Guided tours at the Bastille Art Center

    The Bastille Art Center (Cab) is a center for contemporary art. It offers free guided and adapted tours of the current temporary exhibition.

    Reservation required at the Center d’art Bastille

    Phone. : +334 76 54 40 67
    Email : contact(at)

Activities and entertainment

“Assaulting the Bastille” 

Discover the Bastille in a fun and educational way with the association “Histoire de…”
From primary to high school, the topics covered are:

  •  The history of the fortifications,
  • The operation of the cable car and its origins,
  • Landscape reading.

Reservations required with the “Histoire de…” association.

Phone. : +334 58 00 15 67
Email : contact(at)

  • Artistic workshops at the Bastille Art Center 

    The Bastille Art Center (Cab) is a center for contemporary art. It offers free artistic practice workshops to schools:

    • Proposal of co-construction according to the desire of the teacher and the subject taught,
    • Workshops related to the exhibition presented.

    Reservations required at the Bastille Art Center

    Phone. : +334 76 54 40 67
    Email : contact(at)

  • Cable car center school visit

Activities offered at the Acrobastille

In addition to its activities as a leisure park and acrobatic trails, Acrobastille offers activities for groups to carry out while strolling and independently in the fort:

Treasure hunt: What better way to discover the Bastille site than by going on a hunt for clues? Family game from 3 years old!
Cable car center school visitDuration: 1 hour, Price: €10 per team (2 to 6 participants).

A mobile Escape Game: The Little Bang bomb has just been activated! Your mission: solve the various puzzles and mechanisms to defuse it.
Ambulatory Escape Game. From 9 years old. Duration: 1 hour, Price of €10 per participant.

Reservation required at the Acrobastille

Phone. : +339 84 17 23 63
Email : contact(at)

    Visite scolaire centre téléphérique Visite scolaire centre téléphérique

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