Preventive measures against fire risk Bastille

  • The very hot and very dry summer of 2022 generated a risk of fire at the Bastille, evaluated by the SDIS 38 as severe for 30 days and very severe for 5 days.

    In Grenoble, the preventive the taken measures have been focused on the reinforced communication on the right gestures, increased monitoring including with surveillance rounds, and the closure of certain areas (Via Ferrata, Prairie Guy Pape…).

    Following the feedback from the summer of 2022, a coordination of the actors of the territory have been started and decisions of the administrative authorities of the department of Isère have been taken according to the level of risk assessed.

    • Wildfire Risk Levels: Low – Slight – Moderate
      – Legal obligation of brushing reminded to the owners,
      – A reminder of the good gestures; no fire, no fireworks, no barbecue, no cigarette butts thrown into the environment…
    • Forest fire risk levels: severe – very severe
      – Surveillance of sensitive points: Municipal Police passages and on-call public space,
      – Partial restrictions: closure of sensitive sectors (Prairie Guy Pape, summit part, via ferrata),
      – Reinforced restrictions: closure of the Bastille roads.

The table below summarizes the selected measures to be implemented for each level of risk:

Grenoble PSC Fire risk prevention Bastille – Summary of measures

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