Our eco responsible commitments – A month of October dedicated to Food and Agriculture

  • On the occasion of the title of Grenoble European Green Capital 2022, the Bastille is elected Totem place of this year and the Régie du Téléphérique is more committed than ever!

    “I perpetuate the “IsHere” section of my point of sale. I diversify my supplies to introduce local and/or organic certified products.”
    Grenoble European Green Capital Agency 2022

  • Did you know ?

    Vines already existed on the hill of the Bastille. It was Marie-Louise and Hippolyte Gras, the 3rd generation of restaurateurs who launched the operation.
    In 1955, nearly 5 hectares of vines produced each year
    60,000 bottles of sparkling wine.

Rehabilitation of the vineyards of the Coteaux de la Bastille by Laurent Gras

In 2016, thanks to the support of the Association des Amis de la Vigne des Coteaux de la  Bastille and its ambassadors, Laurent Gras, restaurateur on the Bastille site, launched a new vineyard project.

Land preparation work has been carried out, the plot under the terrace as well as the one above the restaurant garden have been cleared and plowed. In the fall of 2017, the planting of more than 7,000 vines was carried out by Mr. Franck Masson and his team. The land above the restaurant hosts 3 red grape varieties: Persan, Mondeuse and Douce Noire to produce a blended wine with character and freshness. The land below the restaurant, meanwhile, produces a still white wine in Chardonnay: “Le Papé” as well as the cuvée “Les Grives” in over-ripened Verdesse.

“The first harvests were carried out in September 2020. This project is a real postcard for the people of Grenoble, for our house a return to basics and above all the emblem of Isérois know-how. We hope to be able to produce the “Mont Rachais” cuvée again in a few years, a sparkling wine as our Grandfather and our Father did until 1974. concludes Laurent Gras.

Diversification of supplies to introduce local and/or organic certified products

Whether at the O2 Restaurant, which is located in the heart of the Fort de la Bastille, or in the Per’Gras restaurant the same values are shared concerning the quality of the products offered: fresh products, purchases from privileged local producers, products certified AB, the restaurateurs are committed to the environment and quality food.

“The cheeses: Our selection comes from the Alpages cheese dairy of Mr Mure-Ravaud. MOF & World Cheese Champion. says Christophe Durand, manager and chef of the O2 Restaurant.

“In a quality but also ecological approach, we favor as much as possible local producers in a short circuit. We also offer products from farms or French fishing. Our country is rich in quality products, we are happy to cook them for you. Says Laurent Gras.

The La Salle des Gardes snack bar at the Fort de la Bastille also offers local products, including its homemade Grenoble walnut cake and its ravioli gratin. It is an emblematic dish of our beautiful region made with ravioli “des grands goulets” made in the traditional way, in the heart of our mountains, in the small village of La Chapelle en Vercors.

Focus on challenge 10.3 – Zero food waste

Examples of actions for Citizens:
• I adjust the amount of food I eat to my needs.
• I buy as few processed products as possible.
• I compost my food scraps.
• I use solidarity fridges to donate what I don’t think I can consume before the deadline.

Examples of actions for Associations – Companies – Institutions:
• I conduct actions with my employees and guests to reduce waste by modifying the quantities offered, self-service, packaging, choice, etc.
• I am aiming to obtain the “anti-food waste” label set up by law n° 2020-105 of February 10, 2020 relating to the fight against waste and the circular economy.
• I set up a reservation system for the canteen.

Example of action for Companies:
• I offer the possibility of taking leftovers away or reusing them.

You want to know more about the challenges related to Food and Agriculture: it’s here!

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