Our eco-commitments – A month of June dedicated to inegality

  • On the occasion of the title of Grenoble European Green Capital 2022, the Bastille is elected Totem place of this year and the Régie du Téléphérique is more committed than ever!

    “Promote social justice and reduce inequalities because environmental damage affects the most fragile even more durably. Offer equitable access to quality resources, in a preserved environment. »

    Grenoble European Green Capital Agency 2022

  • Did you know?
    On presentation of your cable car ticket, you can have free access to activities offered all year round by the Régie du Téléphérique.

  • The Bastille is a site accessible to all!
    In 2004, the Régie du Téléphérique with the support of the City of Grenoble launched the rehabilitation and enhancement project aimed at making the Fort accessible to all. The project aims to:

    • Social equity by developing activities of interest to all visitors and the accessibility (physical, cultural and social) of the site to all,
    • Environmental sustainability with the use of clean and renewable energies,
    • Enhancement of the heritage in a playful and educational form by affirming the unique character of the panorama but also by reinforcing the natural and sporting dimension of the site.
  • Physical accessibility of heritage

    The infrastructure of the cable car makes it possible to transport people with reduced mobility, thanks to the development of a lift in the lower station and the installation of adapted cabins. Since 2005, lifts and footbridges have made it possible for people with reduced mobility to access the seven levels of the Fort. Then in 2008, the creation of a direct link with the Jardin de Ville, the historic center of Grenoble and the boarding platform of the lower station of the cable car was made to facilitate access to the ski lift.

Cultural and social accessibility

• 3 levels of catering: At the Bastille, there is something for all tastes and for all budgets. From the snack bar offering take-out food, to the gourmet restaurant Chez le Per’Gars, everything has been thought out so that everyone can eat according to their means.

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  • • The discovery of the heritage of the Fort in free access: So that everyone can have access to the heritage of the site, exhibitions (history of the cable car from 1976 to today) and tables of interpretations of the landscape (geomorphology, town planning, the Olympic Games, industry and advanced technologies) are installed on the exteriors of the Fort which can still be visited with free access.

• Varied activities: At the Bastille it is possible to discover exhibitions designed on site at the Center d’art bastille, to take part in sports and fun activities at the Acrobastille leisure park, but also to return to the military origins of the Fort with the Museum mountain troops. It is a range of activities that is offered to visitors, families, leisure centers… To everyone!

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• Entertainment offered to all: On presentation of their cable car ticket, visitors can take advantage of the entertainment program that the Régie du Téléphérique offers throughout the year, making the site and its cable car attractive and accessible to greater number.

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