Our eco responsible commitments – Health

  • On the occasion of the title of Grenoble European Green Capital 2022, the Bastille is elected Totem place of this year and the Régie du Téléphérique is more committed than ever!

    “Reduce noise, pacify the territory. Because mastering our sound environment also means less stress for better health.”»
    Grenoble European Green Capital Agency 2022

  • Sport is health !

    • I try to achieve 10,000 steps and 20-15 minutes of physical activity per day.
    • I take advice from my doctor so that he prescribes me a physical or sporting activity.
    • I favor physical and sporting activities that have a low ecological impact.
    • I buy my second-hand sports equipment and donate what I no longer use.

  • The Bastille, the essential natural sports site of Grenoble!

    Stepping stone to the Chartreuse massif and starting point for many trails, the Bastille is the privileged place for many sportsmen and also for Grenoble residents looking for family outings.
    In all, they are nearly 300,000 each year to take the paths of the hill, and some daily!

    From morning jogging, to night trail, through active walking or even a simple weekend stroll, all levels come together.
    What to take care of your health by discovering a unique and preserved biodiversity facing an exceptional panorama of the city and the surrounding Alpine massifs!
    Find all the detailed routes and trails here!

Zen activities!

  • The Régie du téléphérique animates the Bastille site throughout the year. These activities are always offered on presentation of a cable car ticket dated from the day. For more than 5 years now, the choice has been made to also program gentle sports activities, such as those of “Instants Zen” which offer to the cable car travelers Pilates, Yoga and Yogalates classes.

  • Zen Moments
    A bubble of calm and well-being at the top of the Bastille!
    Pilates and Yoga classes are back this summer! Take care of yourself, for a moment, enjoying a breathtaking view of Grenoble and its mountains.

  • The Grenoble cable car is a carbon-free mode of urban transport!

    The Grenoble cable car works with an electric motor so it doesn’t generate fine particles in the atmosphere or gas emissions. Because air quality is a determining factor for health, the Régie du Téléphérique works daily to limit its carbon impact.
    Take a look at our actions by reading our February article about air here! !

I act daily

It’s important to reduce noise and pacify the territory because mastering our sound environment also means less stress for better health:
• As often as possible, I travel with a silent means of transport,
• When I take a motorized vehicle, I drive calmly and make sure my exhaust is up to standard,
• I set reduction targets for my average fuel consumption.

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