Our eco-commitments – A month of March dedicated to Energy

  • On the occasion of the title of Grenoble European Green Capital 2022, the Bastille is elected Totem place of this year and the Régie du Téléphérique is more committed than ever!

    “Using clean resources and improving energy performance. »

    Grenoble European Green Capital Agency 2022

    Eco-driving is at the heart of our attention when it comes to energy. This behavior consists of reducing energy consumption, which is partly responsible for global warming. We have chosen a responsible use of energy in order to contribute to the common effort.

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    The cable car has two motors. The first is electric and the second is thermal. The latter is used only in the event of a breakdown.

    Consult our eco responsible commitments here

Our cable car drivers are made aware of eco-driving. For a ski lift, this is characterized by stopping the machine when there are no passengers in the stations but also by an adapted, and therefore reduced, speed of the device when there is a low influx.

The lighting of the Bastille site and its stations is controlled and programmed according to the time of sunset and the closing times of the cable car. Regarding our reception areas, lighting by LED or low-consumption bulbs is systematically preferred.

By 2025, the Régie du Téléphérique is committed to developing renewable energies (EnR) for space heating. The guarantee of 100% green energy for the operation of the cable car is also one of our objectives to achieve.

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