The tourist site
(virtual visit and map)

“See the city from above – See New York from the top of the Empire State Building – See Barcelona from the top of Montjuic – See Grenoble from the heights of the Bastille – The must-do visits. Like all these tourists, I went up the Bastille by cable car. Like them, I was afraid, hanging from a slender wire. Like them, the view of the blue sky and mountains as I left the upper station simply took my breath away. I’m not one of those hikers equipped to climb up and up to reach the highest peaks. They want to turn their backs on the city, make a complete break, and get back to nature. I’m not that couple that went up for a romantic dinner in the panoramic restaurant. They will see the city of the seventh heaven. Nor am I that family having a picnic as near as possible to town, yet far away at the same time. The journey is stunning.

No. As I walk out of the upper station, I’m one of those tourists who are lost yet thrilled at the discovery of a place. They’ll sit down on these giant steps, this open-air theatre where the spectacle of the city can be appreciated to the full, in all its bounty. These firing positions are the first thing to remind us where we are: in a fort. Here was built a place of defence, as well as a look-out post. But the aiming point has been transformed into a viewing point for tourists.”

Extract from dissertation: “Promenades à la Bastille” by Hélène Dessort, Grenoble, 1999.

Use the plan below to explore the Bastille site and its various facilities and services, as well as two virtual tours of the site.

  • 1- Place Tournadre (Tournadre Square)
    The heart of the Bastille and venue for events, concerts and many shows, Place Tournadre is the ideal spot for a break before or after exploring the site.

  • 2- Terrasse des Géologues (Geologists’ Terrace)
    This exceptional viewpoint offers a spectacular view over the Grenoble of new technologies. Look out for the monument to the fathers of Alpine geology.

  • 3- Belvédère Vauban (Vauban Belvedere)
    The place to go for contemplation and to read the landscape on the terrace where the panoramas reveal their secrets, thanks to the illustrated interpretation tables.

  • 4- Place Haxo (Haxo Square)
    Located in front of the remarkably preserved gun emplacements, Place Haxo is ideal for taking a break and giving your children time to play.

  • 5- Le Centre d’Interprétation du Téléphérique (Cable Car Interpretation Centre)
    What does it take to operate a cable car? How does the cable car work? The Centre d’Interprétation du Téléphérique is home to a small, open-access, permanent exhibition on this very subject.

  • 6- Le Centre d’Art Bastille (Bastille Art Centre)
    An individual approach to contemporary art showing temporary exhibitions in the unusual context of vaulted stone fortifications.

  • 7- Le musée des Troupes de montagne (The Museum of French Mountain Troops)
    A space dedicated to this French special forces unit established in Grenoble in 1888. Explore its historical, ethnographic and artistic collection accessible to all audiences.

  • 8- La salle Lesdiguières (Lesdiguières Room)
    In the very heart of the keep, this 280 m2room and wooden terrace hosts temporary exhibitions and may be booked for events, weddings, birthdays, seminars or conferences.

  • 9- Salle Dutrievoz (Dutrievoz Room)
    A large space available to be booked for celebrations, concerts and more.

  • 10- Snack de la Salle des Gardes (Guardroom Snack Bar)
    To quench your thirst or grab a bite to eat…

  • 11- Restaurant du Téléférique (Cable Car Restaurant)
    For lunch, a romantic dinner, a family celebration or a seminar on a panoramic terrace with stunning views of the city below combining the pleasures of the palate with getting away from it all!

  • 12- Boutique de souvenirs/Point info (Souvenir Shop and Information Point)
    A great choice of local products and local specialities, from a postcard to an original souvenir, as well as the Bastille’s tourist information office.

  • 13- Toilettes (Toilets)
    Accessible to people with reduced mobility and to pushchairs, the toilets also have a drinking-water point.

  • 14- Restaurant Chez le Pèr’Gras (The Pèr’Gras Restaurant)
    The alternative foodie destination, outside the keep, for traditional cuisine on the terrace or in the large hall in front of the stove.

  • 15- Acrobastille
    Younger visitors will love the Galerie des sorcières, or Witches’ Gallery, while grown-ups speed down the 300-metre zip line from Grottes de Mandrin (Mandrin Caves). A whole range of activities to suit every level, all with guaranteed atmosphere and excitement!

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