Disabled access

40% of the Bastille site is accessible to persons with reduced mobility, thanks to its lifts, walkways and surfaces, further to work carried out since 2006.

Persons with reduced mobility are now able to access: the Terrasse des Géologues (Geologists’ Terrace) with its magnificent views over the Vercors; the Place Tournadre (Tournadre Square) and part of the interior of the Fort, the Lesdiguières Room and the Museum Hall. Place Haxo (Haxo Square), between the Fort and the restaurant is accessible to all, as is the Belvédère.

At the moment, only the first level of the exhibition in the Bastille Art Centre is accessible to persons with reduced mobility; it is possible to see the second level from there.

The Bastille tourist site is becoming a model of accessibility in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France and is included in the objectives for an access-friendly region, with a particular focus on its major orientation towards tourism and the consistency of its arrangements and the activities on offer to every visitor.

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