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Discovering the Bastille
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1 - Place Tournadre 2 - Geologist Terrace 3 - Vauban Belvedere 4 - Place Haxo 5 - The cable car visitor center
The heart of La Bastille, place of parties, concerts and numerous shows, it’s the ideal meeting spot where you can take a break before or after exploring the site. This amazing viewpoint overlooks
the high-tech city of Grenoble; a commemorative pillar pays tribute
to the fathers of alpine geology.
Take in the view and read the landscape on the terrace, where you can identify the panoramas using the illustrated viewing tables. In front of the remarkably well-preserved blockhouses, under the trees, take a break while the children play. What are the professions of the ropeway systems industry ? How does the cable car work? A small exposition, with free access is presented in this room.
6 - The Bastille Art Center 7 - The mountain Troops Museum 8 - The Lesdiguières room 9 - The Dutrievoz room 10 - Guardroom Snack Bar
A curious approach to modern art though contemporary exhibition in the unusual context of the blockhouses with their cut stone vaulted ceilings. This museum dedicated to this very different army unit, established in Grenoble in 1888, is open since summer 2009. It features historical, etnographic and art collection suitable for all ages. This wall of 280m2 in the heart of the keep, with a wooden terrace, is a venue for temporary exhibitions and can be booked for parties, weddings, birthday celebrations, seminars and conferences. A large room currently beeing renovated, to allow us to host your festive events, concerts.... For a drink, a bite to eat or a quick lunch…Can also be booked for childrens birthday parties !!
11 - Restaurant du Téléférique 12 - Souvenir shop 13 - Toilet 14 - Restaurant Chez le Pèr’Gras 15 - Acrobastille
For lunch, a romantic dinner, to celebrate a family event or organise a seminar : enjoy a fine meal and escape on the panoramic terrace overlooking the city.! A wide choice of products and local specialities, from postcards to original souvenirs. Water point, accessible to strollers and handicapped persons. The other gourmet destination, outside the keep, serving traditional cuisine on the terrace or inside by the stove.. Climbing up on La Bastille defensive walls? Yes, you can! Since spring 2012, the site has been equipped so that kids can explore the Witches’ Gallery, while the elders experience the 300m long zip line starting on Mandrin’s caves. Feelings reach a climax with the unique Speleobox (a 3D labyrinth, 120m long). Enjoy a full range of courses for every level – what a thrill!
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