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As Paul Michoud, vice-president of the chamber of tourism, Paul Mistral, mayor of Grenoble and Léon Martin, its successor, wished, a tourist-oriented cable-car is built in 1934, on the slopes of the hill located on the left bank of the Isère river. This was going to be the first urban cable-car in the world. Since then, the Bastille site has been a privileged walking destination for the inhabitants of Grenoble as well as the tourists.

Since its opening in 1934, more than 16 million people have traveled in the cable-car. With an average activity of more than 300,000 visitors per year and nearly 4,000 hours of annual opening ( the French average in the sector being 1,200), the Grenoble-Bastille cable-car shows outstanding performances.

Thanks to the renewal of the Bastille, to the great energy shown by the staff and by the associates, the activity record – which dates back to 1957 with 243,266 passengers - was broken! In 2011, 325 000 people rode the cable-car!

Both the running of the site and the efforts put in favor of good quality have been rewarded in March 2003 by the certification NF EN ISO.

Maximum 6 persons per "bubble".

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