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From family hikes under an hour to sporty treks of more than 4 hours, the marked trails of the Bastille are perfect for hikers of all levels. Whether you choose the flower-lined paths of the Jardin des Dauphins of the cultural trails on the Saint Laurent side, youre guaranteed to enjoy your hike and discover something new with each stairway and gallery.

Toward the town
- The Bastille from the Saint-Laurent side
30 to 45 min downhill and 45mn to 1h15 uphill – difference in level: 300m – paths and stairs.
Coming from the stronghold, go down east, following the sign «Porte Saint Laurent». This path is both a fitness trail and a cultural stroll focusing on the defensive system. From there, you can access the Musée Dauphinois, the archaeological site of Saint-Laurent, the CCSTI or the Musée de Grenoble, by crossing the Isère River.
If you feel trained enough, use the great staircase, also called « the Giants’ stairs », following the east trench of the fortress.

- The Bastille from the Porte de France side
20 to 40 min downhill and 45 to 1h uphill – difference in level: 300m – paths and stairs.
Coming from the cable-car top station, head toward the lower place and follow the stairs, going west toward the sign «Porte de France», which will take you to blockhouses and fire-steps.
Running parallel to the Via Ferrata, you’ll get to the Guy Pape park and then to the Dauphins garden equipped with an open air playground. This shady path will take you through a mosaic of trees and flowers where birds, insects, rodents, butterflies and other birds of prey find shelter.

- The Powder Magazine Promenade
30 min the loop with a 50m difference in level or 1h all the way to the bottom with a 230m difference in level – paths and stairs.
From the lower place of the stronghold (place Tournadre), follow the path and go down on your right, facing the Vercors. This will take you to blockhouses, fire-steps and further away, you will see a watchtower. Run parallel to the crenel wall. Bellow and between the trees, you’ll see the Rabot citadel. You then may turn left on the small path, heading toward the powder magazine («la poudrière»), which will take you back to your starting point; or you may continue on the path that will take you down to the Saint-Laurent area.

- From the Blockhouse («cavalier casematé») to the Mandrin caves
30 min, around 30m difference in level, paths and stairs.
The defensive system
Climb up the stairs leaning against the souvenir shop and discover the back of the blockhouse that used to hold cannons directed toward the Chartreuse. Go back to the lower place and leave the fortress by its main door, a former drawbridge. Run parallel to the blockhouse and climb the metallic stairs, on your right, which will take you inside the trench. After your visit, run parallel to the glacis, following the road and crossing the footbridge, which will take you to the Mandrin caves. The legend says that famous Dauphinois bandit would have hidden his treasure there, but he was actually killed a century before their construction!
Go down the impressive 260 steps underground stairs and a path will then take you back to the fortress main door.

- Mont Jalla, mountain troops’ national memorial
30min, a 140m difference in level – path.
From the headland of the Mont Jalla, at a height of 643m and after climbing the GR9 trail, you’ll enjoy the amazing panorama, looking North East at the Chartreuse foothill, at the transverse valley of Voreppe north-west, as well as the Mont-Blanc, the Belledonne Chain, the Oisans, triève and Vercors mountains.

Toward the Chartreuse massif
- La Bastille, from the regional natural park side
De 2 à 4h et jusqu’à plusieurs jours !
Vous êtes à la porte méridionale du Parc Naturel de la Chartreuse et pouvez partir pour de plus longues randonnées vers Saint-Martin-le-Vinoux, la Tronche ou le Mont Rachais… En suivant le chemin de grande randonnée le GR9, vous allez pouvoir découvrir le parc de Chartreuse en randonnant pendant plusieurs jours…

Opening Hours
- Fort de la Bastille:
opening hours same as the Cable-car.
- Jardin des Dauphins :
From September 16th to March 31st:
Opening: 9am / closed up: 5.30pm / closed down: 6pm.
From April 1st to September 15th:
Opening: 9am / closed up: 7.30pm / closed down: 8pm.

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