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La Salle des Gardes

Quick service restaurant, Tournadre place in La Bastille
This quick service restaurant offers on the spot or take away food. Small snacks can be prepared for business seminars and meetings.
The restaurant also host groups of kids for snacks.

Quick service restaurant: drinks, waffles, sandwiches and various tartines, pizzas…
To quench one’s thirst, to have a small bite with your family or your friends, to snack before heading back into town.
The quick service restaurant is an economic and time saving option!

Open Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and Banks Holidays, and everyday during school holidays.
(Be aware that the restaurant does not accept Credit Card, but ONLY cash and/or checks)

High season Menu, from May to October:
Tartine maison, Sandwich, Croque-Monsieur, Slice of pizza,
Home made soupe,
Sugar wafle, Wafle (chantilly, crème de marron, nutella),
Ice cream, Sweets, Cold drinks.

• Package"Résa"
Reservations necessary, reserved for students (high school and younger) and recreation centres (minimum 8 people):
- Haxo package 11.90€ (including group leaders)
Round trip ticket for the cable car + sandwich, drink, and dessert

- Afternoon snack package 7.50€ (including group leaders)
Round trip ticket for the cable car + ice cream or waffle and hot or cold drink

Package"Goûter" 8.50€
Reservations necessary, reserved for groups (minimum 8 people)
Round trip ticket for the cable car + waffle (Nutella, whipped cream, powdered sugar) + drink (orange juice, hot chocolate, tea)
Possible to modify the afternoon snack package to include ice cream, cold drinks, or even a birthday cake.

Ph: + 33 (0)4 76 44 89 66
or + 33 (0)6 76 47 62 94

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