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La Bastille, the adventure and discovery mountain…
A visit to La Bastille is the promise of an unforgettable day: from the cable-car ride above the roofs of Grenoble and the Isère river, to the discovery of the setting and its characteristics:
- The imposing panoramas on the flattest town of France, the reading of the mountain (from the Chartreuse to the Mont Blanc) and urban landscapes…
- The fortress and the military architecture (dungeon, moat, weathering, blockhouses, bastions…)
- An introduction to the cable-car mechanisms…
- An initiation to contemporary art through the exhibitions of the Centre D'art Bastille – Cab the art center set in vaulted stone blockhouses…(40mn)
- A visite of The museum of the montain Troups (1h30).
- A visit of the temporary exhibitions in the stronghold…

Service offered:
- Bus parking lot available with easy access to the cable-car.
- Special fares for groups of 15 people and above, free ticket for the guide,
- Meals and special menus at the restaurant du téléphérique, including special cable-car fare
- Guided tours organised by the Tourism Office of Grenoble.

Cable-car fares:
Special cable-car fares for Groups of 15 people and more visiting one of the two restaurants

Type of ticket
 --> from 15 to 70 persons
Round trip
5,10 €
One way
3,60 €
 --> from 71 persons to 150 persons
Round trip
4,40 €
One way
3,10 €
 --> more than 150 persons
Round trip
4,10 €
One way
3,00 €

• Group options and menus at the Restaurant du Téléphérique:
This panoramic Restaurant, kept by Lionel Harmant, is embellished by a 350 m² shaded south-facing terrace, facing the Alps. In this spacious and aerial environment overlooking the roofs of Grenoble, the Chef offers you a varied and sophisticated cuisine.
From 15 people and more, choose one of the group options and menus. Be aware that a one-week notice is required.

• Group options and menus at the Restaurant Chez le Pèr’Gras:
In a muffled atmosphere and an intimist environment, located 250 m away from the cable-car station of arrival, the restaurant Chez le Pèr’Gras holds 80 indoor seats and more than 100 seats in an outdoor and shaded terrace, facing the Alps. Laurent Gras and his staff offer recipes that are highly traditional and gastronomic, cooking a high quality cuisine elaborated with in season products.

Maximum 6 persons per "bubble".

To complete the experience, enjoy a tour of the fortress, the panoramas or the exhibitions of the Contemporary Art Centre.
The spectacular cable-car ride, the well preserved fortress, the beautiful panoramas on the mountains and the town, days or nights, and the high quality of the restaurants will all contribute to make the experience unforgettable and will strongly impress your guests upon your professionalism on the set-up of your trips.

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