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The highlights of Grenoble’s cultural life take place here all year around. The permanent stage on Place Tournadre can witness it: musicians, actors, dancors of all kinds like to perform here. Actors have scripted the historic discovery of the fortress and offer fun tours.

Actors have brought to life the history of the fort and offer theatrical visits where visitors can discover the site.
For more information, contact the Grenoble Tourism Office at +33 (0)476.424.141 or connect to their website.

Centre d’art bastille
Set up among sequences of old blockhouses, this art center aims to offer a new approach to contemporary art and to introduce present art production to a wider public.
All visits of the exhibitions are explained. Mediators may offer workshops, special visits as well as activities on contemporary art.
Cab aims at rendering easy access to contemporary art by providing:
• Significant programming of major works by recognized artists.
• Availability to the public, convenient opening hours (everyday, except the monday, non-stop, from 11am to 6pm), only closed for a week between each exhibition (set up and cleaning of the exhibitions).
• Personalized reception of the public by a team of mediators in training at Cab.
• Guided group tours.
Entrance fee is free although we would like to call upon our visitors to kindly give, after their visit, a symbolic donation in the urn located by the entrance. This would highly contribute to help us run the center as well a compensating our mediators.
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Mountain troops museum
The Mountain Troops Museum is dedicated to an exceptional army corps, established in Grenoble since 1888. Located in the “Cavalier” blockhouse of the fort, at La Bastille in Grenoble, the Moutain troops museum invits the visitor to submerge into the world of moutain soldiers.
Not only this new cultural space exposes a collection and a specific culture, in Grenoble and in the touristic site of La Bastille, but it also is a place to meet and talk about the mountain troops. Integrated to the historic La Bastille site, which has become the first tourist attraction in the region, the mountain troops museum adresses to a very wide audience and more particularly to families. In a privileged setting, in the heart of the fortress, the museum presents to its visitors a unique place in France, which associates man and mountain. It’s this gathering that helped build the mountain troops. The visiting of the museum is the natural extension of La Bastille. Overlooked 200meters above by the memorial for the mountain soldiers, this museum recalls also that the history of La Bastille and Grenoble is closely imbricted to the history of the moutain troops.
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Located at the summit of Grenoble’s Bastille, Acrobastille brings together high-flying activities and the discovery of an exceptional historic and natural site. Open to the public as well as school and company groups, the site offers something for all levels and ages, with five different circuits.
The Witches’ Gallery combines outdoor and covered areas and is open to children as young as five years old (minium height: 1m). You’ll safely fly from pathways to rope bridges in the magical world of the witches, at the heart of the fort. A lifeline runs through the entire circuit for maximum security and risk-free fun, as long as the children are accompanied by an adult. The Spéléobox is open to children ages 4 and up, who can find their way through the 3-D maze that stretches more than 120 meters! The Great Divide gives visitors ages 10 and up (minimum height 1m40) the chance to discover the fort by zip line and by passing through various traps where keeping your balance is key. The Via Acrobatica offers an in-the-air circuit above Grenoble where adventurers meet various acrobatic challenges. To top it all off, Air Bastille lets you literally land on the roof of Grenoble, after flying down a 300-meter long zip line!
Acrobastille has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, the chance to relax, your first mountain activities, or something fun for a group.
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Balade animée avec un comédien.

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Musée des Troupes de montagne à la Bastille ACROBASTILLE

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