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The museum of the mountain troops invites you into the world of a mountain soldier. This cultural area of 600 m² exhibits a special collection, and also shows French international, military engagements and its repercussions. The museum gives a real opportunity for the public to meet and speak with the mountains troops.
An audio-guide is available to enhance your visit (french, english, italien and deutch).

Integrated to the historic La Bastille site, which has become the first tourist attraction in the region, the mountain troops museum adresses to a very wide audience and more particularly to families. In a privileged setting, in the heart of the fortress, the museum presents to its visitors a unique place in France, which associates man and mountain. It’s this gathering that helped build the mountain troops. The visiting of the museum is the natural extension of La Bastille. Overlooked 200meters above by the memorial for the mountain soldiers, this museum recalls also that the history of La Bastille and Grenoble is closely imbricted to the history of the moutain troops.

Visiting the Museum
Through a rich collection, an innovative museography, the museum offers to its visitors an attractive circuit which presents the story of the mountain troops from their origin to nowadays. A voice will ralate the human adventure of the alpine men thanks to a multilingual audio-guide.
The course is based on a thoroughly modern museum which diverges from the classical model of the Military Museum and highlights exceptional objects. A spectacular and realistic scenography submerges completely the visitor in the mountain soldiers epic by the reconstruction, at a real scale, the intense scenes like a trench from First World War or a Maginot line room.
Besides the historical aspect addressed in the background, a human approach of the mountain troops is highlighted: all the themes bring man to the center of all concerns, soldier of the mountain in his environment. The museum tour deals successively with : “the mountain troops in history”, “conquer, live and fight in mountains”, “integration to territories and to population”, “indentity and culture”, “the profession of a mountain soldier today”…

February 1st to April 29th 2018
Exposition « Valeurs, au service de la France ».

Le musée des Troupes de montagne propose une exposition consacrée aux Valeurs qui unissent les hommes et les femmes qui servent la France par le métier des armes. L’exposition intitulée ; « Valeurs, au service de la France », a été conçue en partenariat avec cinq autres musées militaires dont celui de l’Artillerie à Draguignan.
Elle vous emporte dans le quotidien des militaires. Un voyage à cœur ouvert ! A travers huit ensembles thématiques, la visite de cette exposition emmène le public, des plus jeunes aux plus expérimentés, à la découverte du ciment qui lie ceux qui nous défendent.

Musée des Troupes de montagne à la Bastille

Where :
Site sommital du fort de la Bastille à Grenoble.
+33 (0)4 76 00 92 25

Opening hours :
Open Tuesday to Sunday
from 11 am until 6 pm.
The museum will be closed on January.

Price :
Ticket at the museum entrance.
Full price : 3 €
Reduced price : 1,5 €
(only with proof : students, + 65 years old, unemployed, teachers,... ).
Free for school, -18 years and disabled people. Group visits must be reserved in advance.
( 2 € per person, from 15 people).

- By the Cable-car,
- by foot,
- by car with parking on the top of La Bastille
(glacis de La Bastille).
Access for disabled people.
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