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Up to the summer 2005, infrastructures already allowed visitors with limited mobility to ride the cable-car (thanks to setting up of a lift in the lower station and of fitted cars), but once at the top, a single opportunity was offered to visitors: visit the restaurant du Téléphérique and its terrace (which means a mere 3% of the whole site).

A general overhaul and the physical accessibility were the main points leading to that evaluation. Two phases of constructions have been held since then:
- An access to the seven levels of the top fortress was finally completed after two phases of work, one running from March to June 2005 and one during the first part of 2006.
- in 2007, the creation of a direct link-up with the Jardin de ville, the historical centre of Grenoble, and of a cable-car platform.

Inaugurated on September 9th 2005 in the presence of representatives of disabled people’s associations, of sponsors and of leading figures of the region, the first phase consisted in installing a lift as well as two fitted footbridges at the gateway of the top cable-car station.

People with limited mobility can now reach: the geologist terrace, a wonderful panorama on the Vercors’ mountains, the Tournadre place (the lower place where the drawbridge ends), as well as part of the fortress’ rooms; the Lesdiguières room as well as the Salle du Musée. For now, the first floor of the art center CAB is accessible to people with limited mobility and allows them to have a view point on the second floor. Therefore, the inside parts of the fortress as well as the urban and mountainous panoramas are now accessible to everyone, night and days.

In an extension to the rehabilitation of the St André square, the Hector Berlioz street, the « des Droits de l’Homme » square, which attires the Lesdiguière hotel, and part of the Jardin de ville also deserve an important renovation. This is how the management of the cable-car moved together with the Grenoble city planning service in order to work on a consistent accessibility project and on specific organisation.
This united considering, which the tourism office and the international relation service also joint, should lead to an important redefinition of the west entrance of the historical centre of Grenoble, from the bank, along with the set up of necessary information to visitors and tourists.
The Bastille tourist site is becoming a reference in the Rhône-Alpes Region in matter of accessibility. With its major tourist orientation and the coherence of the new developments and the activities offered to the public, it is part of a real project and definition of a fitted territory

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