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Discover Grenoble as you’ve never seen it before!
Fun for the whole family overlooking Grenoble! For children aged 5 and up, there’s a family-friendly discovery adventure area. The older ones will get their thrills with the giant zip line that flies over Grenoble, as well as with several unique adventure circuits.

La galerie des Sorcière
Fly through the magical world of the elves of the Bastille.
Filled with automatons, this acrobatic circuit is open to children ages 4 and up (minimum height 1m). Cross pathways and suspended bridges to play with the elves of the fort.
Open rain or shine.

Surprising contorsions with a dose of spine-chilling fun.
This 3-D maze gives you a taste of the world of caving, with its 120 meters of galleries and tunnels. Surprising contorsions and spine-chilling fun guaranteed! This activity is unique to Acrobastille and is fun for young and old alike. For children ages 3 and up.
Open rain or shine.

Le Grand Fossé
Discover the Fort with a zip-line.
Get to know La Bastille site by overflying fortifications with the zip-line and overcome balance games traps. Discover it form the age of 10. (Minimum size required: 1,40 m)

Via Acrobatica
Jump over acrobatic course in a unique atmosphere.
You will need strength to perform this aerial course above Grenoble! Overcome acrobatic courses, in a unique atmosphere, are there to discover the Fort! This Activity is reachable from the age of 12.

Mission Bastille
Go underground and see if you can avoid tripping the alarm system.
Mission Bastille is an underground maze where your aim is to avoid touching the laser rays, to go unnoticed by the motion detectors, and to get through the crocodile room without touching the ground! Be quick and nimble in the submarine and keep your balance in the machine room to find your way out. Fun for all ages and no matter the weather outside!

Air Bastille
Fly over Grenoble with a 300 meters zip-line!
Welcome on-board! Thanks for choosing Air Bastille for 2 times 300m! 2 gigantic zip-lines allow you to fly over Grenoble with an impregnable view on Mont Blanc Mountains, Vercors and Belledonne mountains chain. Please fasten your pulley, Acrobastille team wish you a pleasant flight.

Supplementary activities:
Acrobastille also hosts birthday parties for kids and adults, hen and stag parties, or simple get-togethers with friends or family!
Offering treasure hunts, orientation trails, outdoor challenges, group activities, and event organisation, build your own program at Acrobastille !

Opening Hours
Open from March 11th to November 6nd 2017,
Every Wednesdays, weekends, public holidays and school holidays from 1 P.M.
More details on the website

Presentaion of crobastille in video.

Jeux dont vous êtes le heros
- le secret de la pyramide : Trouverez-vous la pierre de Rosette qui vous permettra de dénicher le trésor égyptien?
deux versions : terrestre 12€/pers. (durée 1h30) et aérien 30€/pers. (durée 4h - mixé avec toutes les activités acrobastille), à partir de 8 ans.
- Fort Bastille: venez défier les maîtres du fort de la Bastille, activités insolite, jeux de logique, d'adresse, de mémoire tout cela dans une ambiance ludique.
Défi adulte : 15€/pers.
Sur réservation 06 84 34 53 78 ou www.acrobastille.fr


Fort de la Bastille - Grenoble
Contact : tel. : +33 (0)6 84 34 53 78
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For all level, from 5 years old (1m).
Childrens (5 ans)
ALL ACRO kids (2h)
15 €

Pack TeleAcro (with cable-car)

20 €
ALL ACRO (3h) 22 €
Pack TeleAcro (with cable-car)
27 €
< 16 ans
19 €
Pack TeleAcro (with cable-car) 24 €
Teens and Adults
15 €

Booking on www.acrobastille.fr

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